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How Can Lawyers Get in Trouble Over Sex?

The most shameful case in recent history was Thomas Lowe, an Egan, MN attorney representing a divorce client, who had an affair with her that lasted seven months. After several arguments with the woman about the affair and his own marriage, Lowe said he was breaking things off. Two days later, he said he was withdrawing as her attorney. That day, the woman, who was vulnerable because of past abuse and mental health treatment, tried to kill herself. While hospitalized, she disclosed the affair.

From Hacking Nude Photos to Revenge Porn

The FBI investigation called “Operation Hackerazzi” covered the online posting of photos that Scarlett Johansson took of herself in the nude, showing her looking seductively at a phone camera as she snapped images of her bare breasts. Johannson e-mailed the photos to her then-husband, Ryan Reynolds, but the “Hollywood Hacker”, Christopher Cheney, broke into her e-mail account and posted the nude pics online. He probably hacked into the e-mail of over 50 people, many of them celebrities, for which he was sentenced to 10 years.

From the Son of Sam, to Goodfellas to Axe Murderers

What’s a “Son of Sam Law”? David Berkowitz, better known as the Son of Sam, was the .44 caliber killer who terrorized New York in the summer of 1977. The “Son of Sam Law” was passed because the notoriety of the case made the serial killer’s story extremely valuable....

Can College Football Players Unionize?

At least for the moment, the answer is Yes. Last week, the General Counsel National Labor Relations Board (NLRB)’s issued a Memo saying that football players at private colleges must be treated as employees, so they may seek protection against unfair labor practices....

Exactly What is the Equal Employment Opportunity Commission (EEOC) and What Does it Do?

The U.S. Equal Employment Opportunity Commission (EEOC) is responsible for enforcing federal discrimination laws. It investigates charges of discrimination filed by employees, and attempts to mediate settlements if both parties are willing to try. It has the power to bring lawsuits, but budget and staffing limitations make the Commission do this a very selective basis, picking their fights carefully.
Who is in Charge of the EEOC and How Will it Change Under President Trump?

There are 5 governors on the Commission and a General Counsel. By law, no more than 3 of the Commissioners can belong to the same political party. Three Democrats and one Republican appointed under Obama are still sitting, but Trump has taken the Chair away from Jennifer Yang, a liberal employee advocate, and appointed the only Republican, Victoria Lipnic, as Acting Chair. The General Counsel position is vacant and is certain to filled with a conservative Republican by President Trump, but the 3 Democrats will maintain a majority until Jenny Yang’s term is up in July 2017. Trump will then replace her, the Republicans will have a majority, and the Commission will become much less sympathetic to employees and much friendlier to management.

Is Hollywood Sexist on Director’s Spots?

Patricia Arquette, Meryl Streep, Jennifer Lawrence, and other powerful women in the industry who have spoken out about gender discrimination in Hollywood, together with the ACLU, have succeeded in starting a federal discrimination investigation with the EEOC.

According to director Maria Geise, who first brought the issue of discrimination against women directors to the attention of the EEOC in 2013, women currently get only about 16% of the episodic TV directing jobs, and last year directed less than 5% of the major studio releases. “The numbers are so low,” Giese said, “that I don’t see how the EEOC is going to come to any other conclusion but that legal action is necessary.

My Union is Supposed to Help Me. Why don’t they?

When I have a problem at work it doesn’t seem that my union is union is really trying to help me. The unions are supposed to represent the workers. Why doesn’t it?

You are not alone. Unions in the private sector have drastically declined in terms of bargaining leverage and membership over the last several decades. In all but a few industries (construction, auto workers, airlines), unions have become largely irrelevant in the private sector. With President Trump being able to appoint new members to the NLRB and a Supreme Court justice friendly to management, unions will get even weaker than they are now. Unions are just trying to keep from losing the ground they have now, and they have to pick their fights with management very carefully. Unless you know someone who has influence in the union, they generally don’t care about your problem very much.

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